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Absolue Perpetual Care


Our moments suspended in time. Exceptional formulas meet a sensorial experience.
Encapsulated in unique transformative textures, infused with natural ingredients, transcended by luminous scents,
the Absolue collection is the promise of a pure moment of bliss, transporting the mind and senses.


Absolue enters a new era of beauty with two devices that harness innovative technology to elevate skin surface to perfection.

The Absolue Cryo-Sculptor is a premium counter service that helps sculpting, lifting and tightening* the skin surface while Absolue’s Dual-LED Youth Treatment is an at-home device using unique formula and patented, dual LED technology to perfect the skin surface.

The Absolue Cryo-Sculptor’s technology employs warm temperatures, allowing the applied Absolue formula to be absorbed by the skin surface, followed by a cold temperature shock to help lift and tighten the skin surface. The Absolue Dual-LED Youth Treatment combines the potency of this Absolue formula with the breakthrough "Gentlewaves" technology, using the power of two different lights to help rejuvenate skin surface.

*clinical study on 51 Asian women, immediate results


Under the golden light of the French Riviera, breathing in the sea air and flourishing in the most generous soil deeply concentrated in nutrients, the precious Centifolia Rose forges its inimitable, luminous scent in the eco-concert certified estate of Le Domaine de la Rose. Here, in Grasse, between the sea and mountains of Provence, thrives the perfume capital of the world.

Cultivated for around five centuries, Le Domaine de La Rose is figures among the pioneers of organic agriculture of perfume plants in Grasse. Absolue is proud to organically cultivate its Centifolia Rose here, in a sustainable way, contributing to the protection of the region’s unique heritage and resources.


Mastering the art of hospitality and generosity, Lancôme Absolue pampers its clients with exclusive signature services in store, inviting them to experience personalized institute-like beauty treatments. For the highest expression of luxury, Lancôme welcomes its most loyal clients to the Absolue Suite.

Celebrating our VVIPS around the world, the Absolue Suite Takes place in 5-star hotels several times a year. It is a perfect way to indulge our beloved clients in the most premium services with Absolue rituals, making key life moments even more memorable.


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