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Skincare Routine for Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Skin Care Routine For Dry & Dehydrated Skin: 6 Easy Steps

A well-moisturised skin can help you preserve your youthful appearance. But sometimes, factors like genetics, lifestyle habits or the weather can make your skin dry or dehydrated. At times like these, using the best moisturiser for dry skin isn’t enough. You need an end-to-end skincare routine that’s especially curated for dry skin.

Building a skincare routine for dry skin can be a little daunting. But worry not, here’s an effortless yet effective six-step routine featuring luxurious skin care products for dry skin by Lancôme. We deliver these skin-loving products in a luxe pink box, which makes it apt for gifting too.

A 6-Step Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

1.  Cleanse

If you want to enjoy soft, radiant-looking skin, then begin your skincare with a cleanser.

2.  Tone

Now that you have a clean canvas, it's time to prep your skin for serums. Therefore, the next step in your skincare routine for dry skin should be a toner. It is one of the best products for dehydrated skin. Make sure to use a toner which is hydrating, and does not contain alcohol or artificial fragrance.

3.  Soothe

To get that youthful glow and a potent hit of moisturising ingredients, use Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum. This face serum for dry skin harnesses the power of the skin biome. It recovers the skin barrier and improves the skin’s radiance. In just 7 days, your skin feels smooth, plump and above all - happy!

4.  Moisturize

Any dehydrated skin treatment feels incomplete without a moisturiser. Thus, you should use the best moisturiser for dry, dehydrated skin like our Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Cream. It deeply hydrates and soothes parched skin. The formula works on all skin types, even on sensitive skin. With every use, your skin feels smooth paired with a beautiful glow.

5.  Protect

After locking moisturise in your skin, it’s time to protect it from harmful UV rays. Use a light-weight, fast-absorbing sunscreen, one that won’t make you sweat while providing you with the required sun protection.

6.  Night-Time Care

Your skin needs hydrating care for night repair. Hence, using a night cream formulated for dry skin is extremely important. It soothes and hydrates your skin after a long day and also helps in reducing dullness.

Now that you’ve discovered this hydrating skincare routine for your dry skin, no one can stop you from achieving the skin of your dreams. Get your hands on these luxurious skincare products for dry skin by logging on to the Lancôme website. You are also in for a special treat as you can avail 10% off on your first order and 2 complimentary samples on every purchase.

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