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Iconic Blue Eyeliner Makeup Ideas and Looks

3 Blue Eyeliner Looks To Recreate For Your Party!

Looking for an eye makeup look that’s perfect for a party? Switch things up with a fun new hue like blue! A blue eyeliner look is a complete game-changer. This eclectic hue adds the perfect pop of colour.

If you are wondering how to create eye makeup with blue eyeliner, we’ve got you covered! The team at Lancôme has shortlisted the top three blue eyeliner makeup looks that would put you in the party mood instantly!

1. Reversed Blue Winged Eyeliner Look

If you love experimenting with your eye looks then you’ll love this look. It is one of the metallic blue eyeliner makeup looks that elevates the regular winged liner. It adds dimension to your eyes and makes them look glamorous.

Steps to recreate:

1. Create a regular liner on your upper lash line by using a blue colour liquid eyeliner like Lancôme’s Artliner Eyeliner in the shade metallic blue. It has a felt tip which allows you to define and create precise liners.

2. Create a thick wing from the outer corner of your crease line towards the outer corner of your upper lash line.

3. Create a thinner wing on the inner corner of the eye.

4. Coat your lashes with a volumising mascara like the Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara.

2. Negative Spaced Blue Eyeliner Look

Bring out your inner artist with this blue liner makeup look. It’s similar to a cat eyeliner but the dark blue liner on the crease makes it special.

Steps to recreate:

1. Using dark blue colour eyeliner, create a basic liner on your upper lash line.

2. Create a thick wing on the outer corner of both eyes.

3. Following your crease line, create a line from the middle towards the outer corner of the crease line. Draw it in such a way that it joins with the wing.

4. Apply a coat of Hypnôse Drama Waterproof Mascara for a full-volume look.

5. Complete this look with soft nude lipstick like the L'Absolu Rouge Intimatte Lipstick in shade 196 - French Touch

3. Feathered Electric Blue Eyeliner Look

Do you love glamorous eye makeup looks created with blue eyeliner? If yes, here’s a look just for you! This blue eyeliner look adds the perfect edgy element to a minimal makeup look. All you need is an electric blue liquid eyeliner.

Steps to recreate:

1. Create a liner on your upper lash line using an electric blue eyeliner.

2. Apply some additional liner on the inner corner of the eyes. Blink a couple of times before it dries up. This will create a feathered look.

3. Use the same liner to create small free-hand streaks on the inner corner.

4. Coat your lashes with Lancôme’s Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara for a volumised look.

5. Finish this look with L'Absolu Rouge Drama Matte Lipstick in the shade 888 - French Idol.

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