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Ways to Make your Perfumes Last Longer

Here are 6 Easy Tips on How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer!

While your perfume smells heavenly, does it last longer? If not, we’ve got you covered! Instead of dousing yourself with multiple spritzes, you can learn some easy tricks on how to make your perfume last longer. Read on to discover some simple tips that would increase the longevity of your favourite signature fragrance.

Top 6 Secrets on How to Make Perfume Last Longer

    1. Moisturise Your Skin Before Applying The Perfume

    If you are wondering how to make your perfume last longer then hydration is the key. Perfumes have the power to cling to emollients which increases the longevity of your perfume.

    Additionally, to make your perfume last all day long - layer your skin with a body wash and body lotion that has a similar fragrance to your favourite perfume.

    2. Apply The Perfume Post Shower

    You can ramp up your perfume’s longevity by using the best long-lasting perfume created for women on showered, pat-dried bodies. As perfumes love heat and moisture, the molecules easily cling to the skin. This leaves you with a fragrance that could last from dusk to dawn.

    3. Focus On Your Pulse Points

    You need to target your pulse points - wrists, neck, inside your elbows and behind your ears. These areas are relatively warmer than the rest of your body. Warmth helps in diffusing fragrance and improving the longevity of a perfume. That’s how you can make your perfume stay longer.

    4. Do Not Rub Your Wrists

    Rubbing your wrists after applying perfume is a common gesture. But it can crush the delicate molecules of a perfume which can alter the fragrance and limit its longevity. So, when you use any of your long-lasting perfumes, let the fine fragrance sit on your skin.

    5. Pick An Eau De Parfum

    If you want to know how to make a perfume last longer on clothes then you need to choose an Eau de Parfum. These have a higher concentration of fragrance oil which makes them last longer.

    Trésor Midnight Rose Eau De Parfum and Miracle Eau de Parfum are two of the most intense, floral fragrances by Lancôme. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a long-lasting summer fragrance for her then La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum is the perfect pick as it has warm, floral notes.

    6. Store Your Perfume Correctly

    Keeping perfumes in direct contact with the sunlight over time can weaken the power of the perfume. Thus, keeping them in their original boxes, in a cool dark place is the ideal method to store your cherished scents. It helps to preserve their longevity.
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